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Chris Zanardi
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FAA’s Airspace Flow Program (AFP) Information Now Available on Flight Explorer Professional™ Edition 6.1a

Industry Leader is First Commercial ASD Vendor to Fully Integrate FAA’s New Traffic Flow Management Tool

McLean, VA. – July 11, 2006 – Flight Explorer, a global flight tracking, information technology and communications solutions provider to the aviation community, today announced the release of Flight Explorer Professional™ Edition 6.1a. With Edition 6.1a, Flight Explorer has added real-time Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airspace Flow Program (AFP) information to its flagship product.

Flight Explorer (FE) Professional is the industry's most accurate, reliable and widely-used Aircraft Situation Display (ASD) system. The system goes beyond “flight tracking” by incorporating multiple data feeds, dynamic weather overlays, situational alerts and predictive weather and air traffic tools to make FE Professional an essential flight operations management tool.

Introduced in June of this year, the AFP is the FAA's new Traffic Flow Management (TFM) tool and has been developed to replace ground delay programs at multiple airports and to better address delays associated with severe weather airspace constraints. Examples of airspace constraints include thunderstorm activity, turbulence and periods of excess demand. The AFP delivers more precise control of airspace demand by avoiding the placement of unneeded delays on flights that are not planning to fly through the constrained airspace and by more equitably allocating and distributing air traffic delays among flights with planned routes through the constrained airspace. More information on the FAA’s AFP program can be found at http://www.nbaa.org/afp.

Flight Explorer is the only commercial ASD vendor providing this AFP information fully integrated with its flight tracking and management system. Through the FE Professional interface, customers can now view specific AFP details such as the reason for the delay; the average delay time, floor and ceiling; and the start and end times for the delay.

"We are excited to be the first commercial ASD to fully integrate the FAA’s new TFM tool," said Flight Explorer CEO Jim Kelly. "As the severe weather season quickly approaches, we can now provide our customers with a single interface for flight tracking, weather, flight planning, proactive alerts and real-time AFP information."

Flight Explorer has also added real-time Flow Constrained Area (FCA) and Flow Evaluation Area (FEA) graphical displays to Edition 6.1a. This information, part of the FAA's TFM program, provides Flight Explorer Class 1 customers with real-time access to information about areas of concern for traffic flow, allowing them to make proactive re-routing decisions and more efficiently manage their fleet. The FE Professional interface also allows the user to obtain specific details about each FCA/FEA including the reason for the FCA/FEA; the floor, ceiling, speed, direction, start and end times; and full filter information defining which flights are affected by the FCA/FEA.

In addition to the features listed above, FE Professional Edition 6.1a has added valuable product enhancements that include new My Fleet Status List functionality, Route Check capabilities and 56-day aviation database updates.

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