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Chris Zanardi
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Flight Explorer Goes Global With Release of FE Professional 7.0

McLean, VA. – November 16, 2006 – Flight Explorer (FE), a global flight tracking and IT solutions provider to the aviation community, today announced the release of Flight Explorer Professional™ Edition 7.0. With Version 7.0, Flight Explorer has added a spherical view that allows users to track an aircraft or their fleet around the globe using FE’s new rotatable 3D display. In addition, the system now has the ability to ingest global Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) position reports to display aircraft positions anywhere in the world. FE can incorporate global ACARS position reports from the ARINC, SITA, Iridium and Inmarsat communications networks.

FE Professional is the industry's most accurate, reliable and widely-used Aircraft Situation Display (ASD) system. The system goes beyond “flight tracking” by incorporating multiple data feeds, dynamic weather overlays, situational alerts, forecast weather and air traffic tools to make FE Professional an essential flight operations management system.

“The features now available in Version 7.0 will allow our customers to track their aircraft 24/7 on a truly global basis,” said Flight Explorer CEO Jim Kelly. “These are significant additions to our product, as both domestic and international carriers that utilize ACARS or other position reporting systems can now use our powerful decision-support tools to track their aircraft and improve operational performance.”

In addition to the features listed above, FE Edition 7.0 has added valuable product enhancements that include:

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Route Display – The Route Check feature now includes ICAO formatted routes.

Event System Updates - Users can receive voice, e-mail, on-screen, PC audio or log file alerts when an aircraft filed flight plan or aircraft schedule data is received.

Runway Length Airport Filter – Users can now search nearby airports by their runway length requirements in the event that they have to divert a flight to an alternate airport.

Animated NASA FACET Predictive Air Traffic – FE can now graphically predict sector and airport loading traffic levels two hours into the future.

Updated NAVTEQ Maps - Users can now overlay the most up-to-date U.S. and Canadian street level maps from NAVTEQ.

Enhanced Runway Overlays – Users can now overlay domestic runway drawings with runway IDs and labels.

Version 7.0 also brings with it updates to key data sources, as well as other enhancements in response to requests from FE’s global customer base.

About Flight Explorer
Flight Explorer (FE) is a global flight tracking, information technology and communications solutions provider to the business aviation and traveler community. As the world’s leading provider of real-time global flight tracking information, reporting and display products, FE provides the aviation business community the robust and reliable decision-support and communications tools that enhance overall flight operations. Flight Explorer provides these solutions to over 800 corporate clients, including over 80 percent of the North American major airlines and 22 of the top 30 regional airlines. Additionally, consumers can enhance their travel experience with Flight Explorer’s free online flight tracking, airport information tools and daily air travel reports. For more information please contact 1-866-235-6870 or visit www.flightexplorer.com.
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