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Erin Rooney
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Flight Explorer Delivers New Powerful Alerting and Weather Display Options in FE Professional Edition 8.1

McLean, Va. (November 30, 2007) — Flight Explorer (FE), a global flight tracking and IT solutions provider to the aviation community, today announced the release of Flight Explorer Professional™ Edition 8.1. With Version 8.1, Flight Explorer has added new powerful alerting features and weather display options to its Aircraft Situation Display (ASD). Version 8.1 also furthers Flight Explorer’s Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) initiative, with critical capabilities such as estimated departure clearance time (EDCT) and past departure time alerting now available in the system.

“With FE Professional 8.1 we are continuing to integrate the key information tools necessary to really expand the ability of our ASD to serve as a powerful and proactive decision-support system for our users,” said Flight Explorer CEO Jim Kelly. “The new alerting and weather display features really take FE Professional to the next step in serving as the key portal for determining what the current and future airspace situation will be for a given day so that our users can more effectively manage their flight operations.”

FE Professional is the industry's most accurate, reliable and widely-used ASD. The system goes beyond “flight tracking” by incorporating multiple data feeds, dynamic weather overlays, situational alerts and forecast weather and air traffic management tools to make FE Professional an essential flight operations management tool.

Key Version 8.1 additions include:
Past Departure Time Alerts – The Event System can now generate alerts when any aircraft in My Fleet is past its departure time by a user defined number of minutes.

EDCT Alerts – Users can now send company EDCT times to Flight Explorer via the 3PDI (3rd Party Data Interface) and receive updated EDCT alerts.

ETA Alerts – Users can now set thresholds to specify the minimum number of minutes change in ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) is required before an alert is generated.

Polygon Drawing Objects – Users can now build polygon drawing objects either graphically or based on 424 airspace data and receive alerts when an aircraft enters or leaves the defined area. With this tool, polygon drawing objects can be built around areas of significant weather and alert the user when aircraft have entered or left that specific area.

Enhanced Weather Display Options – In Version 8.1 the number of available weather layers has been increased from five to ten. Additionally, any two weather layers are now animatable and each animation slide can be paused for analysis.

Multi-select “Show the Flight Plan” – Provides users the ability to graphically select up to 10 aircraft and turn on the route of flight for those aircraft at once instead of having to request each one individually.

Re-center on any Longitude – Version 8.1 provides users the ability to re-center the 2D, flat mode map on any longitude, allowing international users to track flights more seamlessly.

New Plane Filter Criteria – Users can filter aircraft based on speed and the new 3PDI defined Priority field.

Color Coded Flown Point Circles – Flown point circles at each previous lat/long position can now be color coded based on the source of the position report.

FE Professional 8.1 also brings with it updates to key data sources, as well as other enhancements in response to requests from Flight Explorer’s global customer base.

About Flight Explorer
Flight Explorer (FE) is a global flight tracking, information technology and communications solutions provider to the commercial and business aviation community. FE provides these solutions to over 800 corporate clients, including over 85 percent of the North American major and regional airlines. Additionally, consumers can enhance their travel experience with Flight Explorer’s free online flight tracking and airport information tools. For more information please visit www.flightexplorer.com.
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