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Erin Rooney
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New Flight Explorer Professional 8.5 Release Delivers Collaboration, Airport Delay and Quick Zoom Tools

McLean, Va. (April 16, 2008) — Flight Explorer (FE), a global flight tracking and IT solutions provider to the aviation community, today announced the release of Flight Explorer Professional™ Edition 8.5. With Version 8.5, Flight Explorer has added powerful collaboration, airport delay filtering and quick zoom tools to its industry leading Aircraft Situation Display (ASD) system. The new collaboration tools, including drawing object alerting and map image ‘save and share’ functionality, help to further improve a flight operations’ ability to distribute real-time flight and airspace information across their organization in a matter of seconds.

FE Professional is the industry's most accurate, reliable and widely-used ASD. The system goes beyond “flight tracking” by incorporating multiple data feeds, dynamic weather overlays, situational alerts and forecast weather and air traffic management tools to make FE Professional an essential flight operations management tool.

“The new features available in Version 8.5 really reinforce our commitment and focus on delivering cost-saving decision support solutions to our global customer base,” said Flight Explorer CTO Jeff Scozzafava. “Dispatchers, ATC coordinators and pilots now have an easier way to ensure that they are all viewing the same common operating picture and information when making collaborative decisions that may have a significant impact on their daily flight operations. We look forward to continuing to build upon Version 8.5 to further enhance our customers’ ability to share real-time flight information across all facets of their organization.”

Key Version 8.5 additions include:

• Save Map Image to File – This new feature allows any map window to be saved to an image file and quickly emailed to personnel for further discussion. Users can specify the file name/path, image format, map window and automatically convert the saved image to grayscale.

• New Drawing Object Category – Drawing objects are now included in a new “alert” category that allows users to push alert areas or closed airspace areas to all users and guarantee they will be seen. Users can also save a User Defined View with the drawing object to a file and forward it on to their pilots and other dispatchers as needed.

• Minimum Airport Delay Level – Users can now set the minimum airport delay level to be displayed, allowing only delays important to the user to be shown on FE Professional. Additionally, users can vary the size of the FAA airport delay dots by magnitude of delay to make them more or less prominent on the screen as required.

• More Quick Zoom Areas - New regions are now available in the Quick Zoom menu including but not limited to Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and Africa. Users can also define their own specific regions via the .ini file.

• JETNET Aircraft Owner and Operator Data - JETNET provides up-to-date aircraft owner, operator and key contact person information for almost 30,000 aircraft worldwide. JETNET’s data is now fully integrated into the Flight Explorer Professional Online Reporting Tool (ORT), enabling users to view the aircraft information within the Flight Explorer program as well as export the data into Microsoft Excel for marketing analysis and to quickly set up direct mail campaigns.

• Meteorlogix Surface Fronts & Pressure Levels – Users now have the ability to overlay Meteorlogix weather fronts and pressure levels worldwide over a 24-hour forecast period.

• Range Ring Pixel Accuracy – Users can now view plane rings, drawing objects, airport range rings and Desktop Interface rings with improved pixel accuracy. The improved accuracy allows for more accurate alerting and ETOPS analysis.

• Clear Route Analyzer Re-Routes – Users can now quickly clear Route Analyzer routes without having to directly access the Route Analyzer feature.

FE Professional 8.5 also brings with it updates to key data sources, as well as other enhancements in response to requests from Flight Explorer’s global customer base.

About Flight Explorer
Flight Explorer (FE) is a global flight tracking, information technology and communications solutions provider to the commercial and business aviation community with over 800 corporate clients, including more than 85 percent of North American major and regional airlines. Additionally, consumers can enhance their travel experience with Flight Explorer’s free online flight tracking and airport information tools. For more information please visit www.flightexplorer.com.
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