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Flight Explorer Tracks Green Demonstration Flight

NAV CANADA is collaborating with United Airlines (UAL) on two special flights to demonstrate new greener air navigation procedures in the high altitudes of Canadian airspace and over the North Atlantic. The flights will take place on June 5, United Nations World Environment Day.

UAL Flight 945 Frankfurt to Chicago - Departs at 2:25 a.m. EDT
UAL Flight 944 Chicago for Frankfurt - Departs at 3:23 p.m. EDT

The aircraft to be flown for both trips will be a Boeing 777 and will produce less emissions on UN World Environment Day. Flight Explorer tracked both flights in real-time. Check back later for a video replay of the flights.

To view the flights, click here

To view the playback video file,
UAL945 click here
UAL944 click here

For more details on the flight, visit NAV Canada’s website

To learn more about Sabre’s commitment to Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility, click here

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