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Telvent Upgrades MxVision AviationSentry Online

A forthcoming product upgrade is planned for Telvent MxVision AviationSentry Online in your Flight Explorer, a Sabre solution application on July 24, 2012. Sabre and Telvent will be upgrading your MxVision AviationSentry Online service to the newest software release which incorporates the new high-resolution, street-level maps providing you with the ultimate view of operational conditions. With this Google® maps based version of the product the following features are available:

  • View hazardous aviation weather forecasts such as turbulence, convection or icing for any location in the world

  • Ability to monitor and receive alerts for changing weather conditions

  • Customization of AviationSentry that will allow you to save and display custom routes with text and graphical charts

ACTION REQUIRED: All of the following steps are required (users not following these steps will lose access and experience interruption in service for pilot briefing):
  • Ensure that your AviationSentry Online URL is pointing to https://aviation.dtn.com.

  • Verify that you are operating IE7, IE8, Firefox or Google Chrome prior to the release date

  • Users must have unrestricted access to Google maps

As seen in the screen shot below, users now have the ability to overlay multiple weather hazardous layers such as weather radar composite, forecast thunderstorms and current lightning strikes as shown. This feature is available for any location in the world.

To view a short demo of the new features click here.

If you have other users in your organization using the MxVision AviationSentry Online service, please pass this information onto them so they are informed of the upcoming changes.

The upgrade is planned for July 24, 2012. If you are not able to comply to the new version requirements please contact us so we can make sure you are not impacted by this upgrade.

As always, we invite you to contact us at FESupport@sabre.com if you have any questions or we can assist you in any way.
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