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Sabre Airline Solutions Announces the Release of Sabre® AirCentre™ Flight Explorer v. 12.2.1 Professional and Premier Editions

In addition to continued technology investments, Flight Explorer Professional Edition v. 12.2.1 highlights the integration with Sabre® AirCentre™ Flight Plan Manager, which provides mutual customers an enhanced pre-flight and operational awareness experience. Flight Explorer Premier Edition v.12.2.1 is highlighted by the addition of new base weather products, such as graphical PIREPs, GFS, and RVRs.

Free updates are always available at www.flightexplorer.com.

Ensuring Performance and Reliability

Flight Explorer Professional and Premier Editions share important technology investments such as enhanced system monitoring to maintain reliability. Enhanced record/playback functionality used for post operation analysis now allows users to continue recording while playing back recorded files. METAR and TAFs units within tool tips have been updated and can be customized to display in various units.

Flight Planning Integration

Flight Explorer Professional Edition v. 12.2.1 integrates with Flight Plan Manager and enables superior data flow and streamlines user workflow for increased productivity and reduced errors from manual data entry. Integration functionality includes:

  • Synchronized flight schedule and MyFleet

  • Graphical view of flight route information and avoidance areas

  • Request, modify, and calculate routes within both Flight Explorer and Flight Plan Manager

  • Advanced alerting for ETOPs, NOTAMs, and fuel monitoring

  • Shared navigation database for requesting, modifying, verifying, and calculating routes
Contact your Account Director for more details.

New Base Weather in Premier Edition

Flight Explorer Premier Edition v. 12.2.1 now includes the following weather products at no charge including:

  • Graphical PIREPs

  • North Atlantic Tracks - East and West

  • Pacific Tracks - East and West

  • RVR (Runway Visual Range)

  • GFS LAMP Thunderstorm Forecast

  • NCWF (National Convective Weather Forecast)

  • GFS Wind/Temperature Aloft
Keeping Flight Explorer Current

Over the past year, significant upgrades to Flight Explorer core functionality, baseline features, new or amended algorithms, and fixes have been implemented. In order to take advantage of the latest and greatest, it is important to keep your Flight Explorer application software up-to-date.

Simply login to www.flightexplorer.com using your Flight Explorer user ID and password to access and download the latest version.

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