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Flight Explorer Personal® Edition

Flight Explorer Personal Edition allows private pilots and aviation enthusiasts to track commercial and general aviation flights on IFR flight plans in the US, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands; Canada; New Zealand; and parts of the Atlantic and Pacific. Whether you’re a pilot planning your flight or an aviation enthusiast that likes to watch air traffic in the National Airspace System, Flight Explorer Personal Edition is for you.

Key Features:
 View air traffic for the entire US, Canada or New Zealand, or zoom in to one airport or a single plane.
 Monitor and display real-time FAA delay information for airports in the US.
 Get the most updated arrival and departure times available from the FAA.
 Display TFRs (Temporary Flight Restrictions) and SUAs (Special Use Airspaces) you need to avoid along your planned route of flight.
 Practice simulations with live air traffic and control live flights through Flight Explorer Personal Edition’s integration with ATCsimulator®2. (ATCsimulator®2 is sold separately.)
 Display the sun position and daytime/nighttime shading of the earth.
 Overlay highways, lakes and rivers, and cities for landmarks along your flight path.
 Provide your family members with a simple way to track your flight from takeoff through landing.
 View airport congestion over the next 4 hours at your arrival and departure airport.
 Look up useful information on airports, airlines, and aircraft type.
 Save the screen view you set up so that you can look at it again tomorrow or next week.
 Gain easy access to the AOPA Airport and Cellular Pilot Directory.

 For air traffic controllers/students, practice simulations with live air traffic. You can actually control live flights in any of the 120 TRACONS included in ATCsimulator®2 or simply watch the live traffic as it flies in and out of your selected airspace. (ATCsimulator®2 must be purchased separately.)
 For pilots, it can assist in your flight planning. You can view the TFRs and SUAs you need to avoid. You can overlay highways, lakes and rivers, and cities for landmarks along your flight path. You can turn on an airport graph for your departure and arrival airports to get a sense of the congestions, and view an AOPA Airport and Cellular Pilot Directory to find out what services are offered at unfamiliar airports.
 For family and friends, it offers peace of mind. Track a friend or family member's flight to make sure they arrive safely, or to know when to head to the airport to pick them up.
 For aviation enthusiasts, you can have lots of fun. You can watch who's coming and going at your home airport, see how many GA aircraft are in the air at any one time, track a friend to the next fuel stop, let your friends know that you can track airline flights for them, search for a specific model of aircraft, or watch departures from the site of a major event.
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