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Flight Explorer Pilot® Edition

Flight Explorer Pilot® Edition has been designed specifically for pilots by pilots. Whether you want to view the weather along your planned route of flight, receive alerts when the FAA sends your preliminary flight plan, or have an email automatically sent to a friend or loved one when you depart or arrive, Flight Explorer Pilot Edition is for you.

Key Features:
Enjoy all of the benefits of Flight Explorer Personal Edition PLUS these valuable pilot-oriented benefits:
 View the weather for the entire Continental US with a Nexrad 2km national weather mosaic overlay.
 Display the flight plans and actual routes flown for commercial and general aviation traffic.
 Receive alerts on your PDA, cell phone, etc. when the FAA sends your preliminary IFR flight plan.
 Send emails automatically to family and friends to let them know when you depart or arrive.
 View the most popular FAA approved routes between airports.

 Flight Explorer Pilot Edition will make your flight planning easier and less time consuming. You can view the weather, TFRs and SUAs along your planned route of flight.
 You’ll save time when you get to the airport because you will already have your preliminary IFR flight plan returned from the FAA. No more scrambling to write everything down.
 You no longer have to call friends, family or colleagues to let them know the status of your flight. You can set up emails to be automatically sent when you depart or arrive.
 You can view an airport graph for your departure and arrival airports to get a sense of the air traffic congestion, and view the AOPA Airport and Cellular Pilot Directory to find out what services are offered at unfamiliar airports.
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