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Dynamic Data Integration System (DDIS)

With the new FE Fusion™ DDIS (dynamic data integration system), FE™ offers a unique approach to deliver to air carriers an integrated or “fused” display that will provide dispatch personnel a single GUI interface to customize and display all current and future weather, flight planning and other on-site applications. The key components of the client-side FE Fusion™ system include the use of a Onsite Product Processor (OPP) and Onsite Product Interface (OPI).

The OPP will provide air carriers a tool to translate existing dynamic raster and vector based weather and other overlay product formats into the OPI format and includes a Hot-Hot server configuration, automatic file collection and distribution and a Web-based dashboard for system administration, monitoring and alerting. The OPI will be able to read the data files generated by the OPP, and display them accurately in Flight Explorer. These data files are not limited to weather data as they can also include data files from other Onsite operational systems as required by the air carrier.

For more information on FE Fusion™ please email us at feWebmaster@sabre.com

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