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New Features in Flight Explorer Premier 12.4 (Release Notes)
Note: This is just a feature summary. Please see the help system for complete details about each feature and how to use it.

This release does not have any additional hardware or software requirements beyond previous versions. The new, optional, Ribbon Bar interface is only available on Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 or later operating systems. Older OS versions will only have the previous toolbar interface available.


Click here to view, download or print the official Flight Explorer Premier 12.2 release notes: FEPremier12.2ReleaseNotes.pdf


Click here to view, download or print the official Flight Explorer Premier 12.1 release notes: FEPremier12.1ReleaseNotes.pdf


Dynamic email notification: Added ability to add event name to the email alert subject line.
Send Fast Track Link via email: Added new feature to allow user to send a link through email of a flight route. Right click a plane on the map and then choose Send Fast Track Link via email. See Send Fast Track window description for more information.
Increase speed of Online Reporting Tool: Online Reporting tool queries will be faster.
Enhance Filter/Query Capability for Online Reporting Tool: Enhanced search capabilities in the Online Reporting Tool to use a wildcard in the search. For example, you can use B*, B7*., or B737 to retrieve all records whose aircraft type are in the B category.
Enhanced drawing object in Ribbon bar: Drawing object functions the same as the Drawing Object in the Toolbar by auto-selecting the layer when you draw an object.
Enhanced weather layer: Auto-enable the weather overlay when a weather product is selected.
Debug mode and send crash dump: Enhanced crash dump sent to Flight Explorer for faster resolution of application issues.
My notes from parked aircraft: Enhanced experience of leaving notes for parked aircrafts. Option is available to right-click on a parked aircraft and view or write notes.

My Fleet
My Fleet Export: Enhanced My Fleet to now export all optional fields.

Airspace Flow Manager
Airport Monitor window: The words Airport Monitor now appears at the top of the table matching the name of the button that opens the window.

Allow Airport Summary to query FAA, ICAO, and IATA code in search: When searching in Airport Summary window you can now use either type of code in your search

None option: Weather drop-down in ribbon mode now has None as an option to select.
Meteostar Tropical: Products enhanced to include historical paths.
New Product: Meteostar Caribbean
This product is updated every 15 minute update.
New Product: Meteostar European Radar
This product is updated every 15 minute update.
The weather displays to areas: UK and rest of Europe
New Product: Australian Radar
This product displays weather for the Australian continent.

Bug fixes
Find Flight toolbar not working for entered aircraft ID.
Some windows were not appearing on multiple monitor. Map windows not appearing when multi-monitor configuration changed under Windows.
Save Map As was writing to HTTP and file when it should have only gone to file.

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