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Europe’s CFMU Data is Now Available on Flight Explorer

Flight Explorer® , part of the CAE Holdings family, the world’s leading provider of real-time global flight tracking is happy to announce that EUROCONTROL CFMU data is now available for aircraft operators*.

In 2008-9, EUROCONTROL CFMU (Central Flow Management Unit) made flight data available for some aircraft operators during a Pilot phase. EUROCONTROL has now transitioned into an opera-tional phase which means aircraft operators* flying within or to/from Europe. You can now view this flight information with Flight Explorer based on the available ATC data.

The EUROCONTROL CFMU data must be specifically requested by each aircraft operator. For guidance on requesting this information, please contact us or your CAE Account Director.

The Flight Explorer Professional ASD

The Flight Explorer solution goes beyond "flight tracking," incorporating multiple data feeds, dynamic weather overlays, situational alerts, predictive weather and predictive air traffic tools to make it an essential flight operations management tool.

With the availability of the CFMU data, Flight Explorer® Professional can now offer extended situational display services for aircraft operators, operating within Europe and/or flying to Europe.

Key benefits:

  • Provides a situational awareness of air traffic in Europe and North America
  • Improves arrival punctuality and the flight monitoring process
  • Facilitates improvements to fleet planning and management to reduce fuel costs, reduce diversions and delays, and reduce an airline’s environmental footprint.
  • Provides a common operating picture for air traffic, weather, airport information (i.e., METARs, TAFs,) PIREPs, NOTAMs, etc.
  • Integrates global flight tracking and weather data by integrating an expanding source of weather with global data providing real-time flight tracking information via the FAA’s ASDI feed, international radar feeds (Airservices Aus-tralia, Airways New Zealand, etc), ACARS messages, UV data-link, Honeywell data-link, and Iridium messages.

For more information please email us at

*To be eligible, aircraft operators must operate under a 3-letter call sign.

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