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Flight Explorer Overview

Sabre AirCentre® Flight Explorer (FE) is a global aircraft tracking, information technology and communications solutions provider to the aviation community. As the world’s leading provider of real-time global flight tracking information, reporting and display products, Flight Explorer provides customers the robust and reliable decision-support and communications tools that enhance overall flight operations. Flight Explorer and its products are part of Sabre Airline Solutions, the world's leading provider of integrated solutions and services for airlines and airports.

The Flight Explorer flight tracking product was first introduced in 1997 and it immediately gained recognition as the premiere real-time flight tracking and management system on the market. Since then, FE Professional® has been enhanced and expanded, and now today, with an installed base of over 5,000 systems, is the world's leading Aircraft Situation Display (ASD).

FE Professional provides users the ability to improve overall aircraft, weather and airport situational awareness through a single graphical display.

Flight Explorer provides its ASD services to over 900 corporate clients and over 7,000 end-user subscriber licenses. Flight Explorer’s corporate customers include 85 percent of the FAA’s Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) participants; 50 percent of North American major and regional airlines (including United, Virgin America, Jet Blue, Air Canada, and Delta); 70 percent of the ATA membership; numerous national and international airlines as well as members of DOD’s Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF); the top four cargo carriers (FedEx, UPS, Airborne Express, and DHL); the 12 largest executive jet operators (including NetJets, Gulfstream, Flight Options and Bombardier); major airports (including Chicago O’Hare, New York Port Authority, LAX, and Miami); and over 250 corporate flight departments, air charter operators, and FBOs.

Corporate Information

Sabre Airline Solutions is the world's leading provider of integrated solutions and services for airlines and airports, Sabre Airline Solutions helps companies generate more revenue by optimizing performance in 14 key areas of airline operations. More than 200 leading carriers and 100 airports use Sabre Airline Solutions to better market their schedules, sell their products, serve their customers and operate efficiently. Sabre Airline Solutions was founded in 1960. For more information on Sabre Airline Solutions, please visit www.sabreairlinesolutions.com.

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