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CAE Flight Explorer
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CAE announces the release of Flight Explorer Professional 18.0

CAE Flight Explorer Professional 18.0 is a major upgrade/refresh with over 45 new and improved features:

1) GUI modernization/refresh including new dark theme
2) Updated and improved Fleet Monitor
3) Updated and improved Airport Monitor
4) Updated and improved Event List
5) New aircraft selection and flight analysis capability
6) New profile view on main map with graphical FOB display
7) Improved IR satellite color palette
8) Improved map zooming/panning
9) Radar smoothing option
10) Radar summary decluttering and display improvements
11) Enhanced IATA Turbulence Aware severity display options
12) Improved External Link Interface (ELI) integration capabilities
13) On-map layer selection capability
14) Increased weather animation history
15) Desktop Interface local integration enhancements
And over 30 other enhancements and bug fixes!
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