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Flight Archive

Flight Explorer maintains a complete archive of all playback data from February 3, 1998 to the present (Weather data is available from April 2002). If you are interested in playing back historical air traffic data and do not require full time recording capability, you can purchase daily, weekly or monthly archive data on CD-ROM whenever you need it. This data can be played back on any Flight Explorer-equipped workstation.

Key Features:
 Data is available from February 3, 1998 to the present.
 The data is available with or without a Nexrad weather overlay.
 Data is provided on CD-ROM and may be played back on Flight Explorer Professional at a speed of up to 99 times faster than the actual events occurred.

 Improve your training by utilizing playback data of non-standard events.
 Analyze operations during bad weather and identify areas of improvement.
 Perform airspace analysis and handle noise abatement issues.
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