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Flight Direct

Flight Direct is an Application Programming Interface (API) that provides you with access to raw, real-time aircraft data in a clean, efficient, and easy-to-handle format for use in your existing in-house systems. Flight Direct handles all communications via the Internet with the Flight Explorer Data Centers, allowing you to leverage Flight Explorer’s extensive data processing expertise, reliability and data sources. With Flight Direct you can forget about the intricacies of flight data processing and consolidation, and focus on your task of making use of the data to enhance your internal operations.

Key Features:
 Flight data is delivered in real-time.
 Data is available for an individual airport or the entire Flight Explorer public data set (private data sets are available to authorized customers).
 Basic arrival and departure information is available in addition to aircraft positional data.

 Integrate real-time flight data with your in house applications and systems.
 Use real-time flight data to create an in house Flight Information Display System (FIDS) or supplement existing FIDS data with real-time flight status.
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