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Flight Explorer Web Services

Web Services makes available to clients a wide range of flight information in an industry standard format (SOAP/XML) for the integration of real-time flight data into their in-house systems or commercial products. This service enables clients to build real-time flight tracking into their Web site with complete control over the front end interface for their customers. FastTrack Web Services also allows clients to correlate their proprietary customer data to actual flights on the backend, presenting the client’s customer with only the information they care about while hiding the client’s proprietary information.

Flight Explorer currently provides the following data via Web Services:
 Real-time flight graphics
 Flight data such as origin, destination, departure and estimated arrival times, etc.
 Origin and destination airport weather conditions

Key Features:
 Real-time, graphical flight tracking of commercial and general aviation flights
 Support for code sharing
 Image customizations including size, overlays, and ability to add aircraft identifier alias and aircraft tag comment
 Industry standard format and interface (SOAP/XML)
 Access to a growing number of global data sets maintained entirely by Flight Explorer so you can focus on your product and your customers

 Integrate real-time flight data with your in-house applications or commercial products
 Provide real-time flight data on your web site with complete control over front end display and customer experience
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