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Air Freight Carriers

Flight Explorer provides air freight carriers the robust and reliable global aircraft tracking, information technology and communications solutions they require to improve the efficiency and performance of their overall flight operations.

Global Flight Tracking via FE Professional
Flight Explorer Professional goes beyond “flight tracking,” incorporating multiple data feeds, dynamic weather overlays, situational alerts, predictive weather and predictive air traffic tools to make FE Professional an essential flight operations management tool.

With Flight Explorer Professional air freight carriers can now:
  Improve overall aircraft, weather and airport situational awareness through a single graphical display
 Dispatch, monitor and reroute flights to achieve optimal fuel economy and on-time performance
 Utilize real-time and predictive tools and data to anticipate airport delays and make necessary operational adjustments.
 Visually depict the planned route of flight in relation to predicted weather and anticipated air traffic and make necessary route adjustments.
 Capture valuable flight and airport information for ground logistics management
 Utilize RVR data and displays to plan for takeoffs and landings accurately
 Monitor airspace situations with event-based alerts
 Utilize real-time information to provide better customer service

Flight Explorer FastTrack is a turn-key service that enables any Web site to display accurate flight-status information. The service integrates graphically with the look and feel of any Web site to provide a seamless experience for site visitors.

Customers visiting a carrier’s Web site enabled with Flight Explorer FastTrack can lookup a flight by knowing the airline and flight number, the airline and arrival/departure airports or the arrival/departure airports and times. Flight Explorer FastTrack will provide the aircraft’s position, flight status (whether airborne or on the ground), and other information including altitude, ground speed, type of aircraft, arrival and departure airports, departure time, estimated arrival time and weather for the two airports.

Flight Snapshot
Flight Snapshot is a service that enables carriers to provide a real-time graphical view of their aircraft and airspace for public view on their web site. Flight Explorer provides the airline with a static image file, updated every five minutes that can be customized and delivered directly to your web server or location of your choice. The Flight Snapshot image can be customized to show various combinations of overlays including weather, aircraft tags, airports, origins, destinations, ETA's and much more. There are a number of configurations available including a rotating snapshot of multiple airports and a more common refreshing snapshot of a single airport.

With Flight Snapshot air freight carriers can improve their customer service by providing a real-time picture of their local airspace and enhance their website with a real-time, graphical depiction of the airspace around an airport.
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