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Flight Enthusiasts

Flight enthusiasts can now track commercial and general aviation flights via Flight Explorer Personal Edition!

Flight Explorer Personal Edition is a PC based, real-time, graphical aircraft situation display (ASD). Personal Edition uses your PC and a standard Internet connection to retrieve aircraft information from our data center and to provide you with a real-time picture of aircraft traffic on IFR flight plans in the US, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands; Canada; New Zealand; and parts of the Atlantic and Pacific. Personal Edition includes some of the features of our Professional Edition, tailored to the specific needs of pilots and aviation enthusiasts.

With FE Personal Edition users can:
  Track family member or friends in commercial planes or personal aircraft
 Utilize real-time tools to predict flight delays
 Improve situational awareness to avoid typically unforeseen situations
 Optimize scheduling by avoiding congestion depicted by the Airport graph feature
 Harness the full set of rich features for education and training purposes
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