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Flight Explorer provides hotel operators the powerful and reliable flight tracking tools they need to accurately predict guest arrival times. Flight Explorer also provides hotel operators the real-time airport information and forecasted weather tools they need to anticipate flight delays, airport closures and unplanned arrivals and the impact they will have on overall hotel operations.

Flight Explorer Premier® Edition
If you are a hotel that is interested in the air traffic situation at only certain airports but still require many of the powerful features of Flight Explorer Professional, Flight Explorer Premier Edition is the ideal solution. Flight Explorer Premier Edition provides a focused view of flights arriving and departing at up to three airports of your choosing.

Flight Explorer FastTrack is a turn-key service that enables your hotel’s Web site to display accurate flight-status information. The service integrates graphically with the look and feel of your hotel’s Web site to provide a seamless experience for your site visitors or guests.

Customers visiting a hotel’s Web site enabled with Flight Explorer FastTrack can lookup a flight by knowing the airline and flight number, the airline and arrival/departure airports or the arrival/departure airports and times. Flight Explorer FastTrack will provide the aircraft’s position, flight status (whether airborne or on the ground), and other information including altitude, ground speed, type of aircraft, arrival and departure airports, departure time, estimated arrival time and weather for the two airports.

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